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God does not ask us to do great things.
He simply asks us to obey so He can do
great things through us.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time for Church

Zechariah 2:13 sums up what has been happening with Freedom Street Ministries quite well.

Be silent before the Lord, 
all humanity, for He is springing 
into action from His holy dwelling.

Actually, we are only able to stand back and watch what he is doing. That is a good place to be.

Along with consistently going the streets twice a week, our team has been holding English classes and jewelry classes at our coffee house/ministry center Casa Ágape over the past few months. Our classes have drawn several of our friends who are eager to improve their lives.

One of the most exciting and new elements we have added to our ministry is a church service we hold everything other Sunday at Casa Ágap. Thus far we have held two services. The first one drew one woman and her two children.

She as able to hear about God's all consuming love for her and the gift of salvation Jesus offered at the cross. She went away saying, "I know God has a good plan for my life."

The second service was even more incredible.

One of the main corners we visit on our weekly street ministry is where a group of boys and men sell themselves. Over the months we have developed some very meaningful friendships and had some  powerful and often sad conversations with these young men.

It was from this group of guys, that the second church service was so amazing.

Two of the young men from this group came to our Sunday service. By the end of the evening, they both received God into their lives.

Our team praying with both of these young men.

When asked if we would see him at the corner the next week, one of the young men said, "No, you won't see me down there any more. I am not going back to that place."

This young man was so hungry for the things of God. Since that time he has asked one of the guys from our team to mentor him and help him learn how to live a good life.

Please pray.  All of our male team members are leaving over the next couple of months for outreach into other countries. This leaves both of these young men without mentoring. Please pray that some men will step forward to help us mentor these guys. They are eager and ready.  We just need the men to be there for them.

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