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He simply asks us to obey so He can do
great things through us.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An update on Freedom Street Ministries

Hello everyone! Greetings from San Jose, Costa Rica!

Paola, Ingrid and Elizabeth with Ro Potter in Jaco.
Paola Arce, Ingrid Rong and myself Elizabeth Gilroy recently attended the Shine Conference in Amsterdam, Holland on prostitution ministry and human trafficking. Since that conference. we also attended a conference in Jaco, a coastal town here in Costa Rica where the sexual exploitation of minors is common.  During that time we worked to build the structure and essence of our ministry so we can officially present it to the leadership of YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Although we have been working in the streets for some time now, our efforts simply came from hearing God's voice and a passion to effect lives and build relationships.  As we have added to our obedience and passion training and understanding, we now have a better structure in place to function as a ministry. In other words, we hope to go from being just a group of people with a heart to work in the streets to an official ministry of YWAM San Jose. But before we are officially in this place, we have to present our vision and passion to our leadership.  We cannot and do not want to move forward in ministry without the release and blessing of our base leadership.

We believe in the authority and covering of leadership in ministry. We also believe that God has put each of us at the YWAM San Jose base with a passion to offer hope and transformation in the streets of San Jose. We know this is God's idea both in the authority structure and our passion in ministry. Therefore, we believe He will work through our leadership to demonstrate His purposes for our lives and ministry.

This ministry is His, not ours. He will raise it up now or delay it. It is in His hands.

Please pray with us over the next few days as we present our ministry to the leadership on Friday morning. Our hearts are filled with excitement but also with surrender to His leadership and the orchestration of this ministry.

We will share with you more about the details of what we look like and what we will be doing in the weeks and months to come. 

Thank you for much for your prayers.

The Freedom Street Ministry team

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  1. Delighted to learn more. My hubby loved leading teams to downtown San Jose and sharing Jesus on the streets. In fact, wherever we go (even here in the US) we are led to the inner city and the indigenous.

    Be blessed bunches,
    Sarah Bedenkop
    (former YWAM San Jose staff)