An accounting of Face of Justice

God does not ask us to do great things.
He simply asks us to obey so He can do
great things through us.

Monday, May 16, 2011


It is official! Freedom Street Ministries is officially a ministry of YWAM San Jose.

After months and weeks of training and strategic planning, this small group of passionate people have a plan.

This past week the leadership of YWAM San Jose formally released us into ministry.  Here are some photos of the evening.

Giacomo Coghi and Spence Pavely spoke of release and anointing over us.

Our whole team joined us for prayer.

All the students and staff prayed over us.
This night was long awaited. Our group has been working on the streets for several months, but that was only the beginning. God had a few things He wanted to do in each one of us before our official release into ministry happened. Much of this work happened while all three of us leaders were in Amsterdam, Holland attending the Shine Seminar on Human Trafficking and Prostitution Ministry.

Our time there answered a lot of questions, clarified some muddy waters and gave us vision for our future. It was a time to drink in words of wisdom and direction. After our return we were able to articulate exactly who we are and what we are as a ministry.

Freedom Street Ministries is made up of three main elements. Here is what we look like.

Our Door of Hope
1. Street ministry and Coffee House - During the last few months on the streets we began to realize that offering coffee and cookies on the streets corners to our friends is just not enough. Through these relationships we have built, we have learned there is a great need for mentoring and discipleship. We need a place to spend time and offer Bible studies to our friends who desperately want to change their lives but have no idea how to do it.
For instance, we have a couple of gals who have given their hearts to God but have no idea exactly what that means or how that should impact or change their lives. They know there is a change but they do not know how to walk in it. So along with visiting on the streets, we are opening a coffee house.
God has opened a huge door for us to do this. We are teaming up with another ministry called LightForce International.
This group of young adults from Lexington, Kentucky (where Elizabeth went to college) have been going to the streets with us for several months. They have a heart to offer hope on the streets and joined us. Now our two ministries are working together to open a coffee house. Here are some photos.

This is just inside the front door in the main room.

This is outside the building.

This is our doorway of hope.
We have a lot of work to do before we open our doors. Our goal is to make it a place where we can hold Bible studies and offer classes such as English, beading and cooking. We are not selling coffee but want to be able to serve tea, coffee and snacks during the hours we are open.

Praying down Strongholds
2. We believe in the power of prayer. San Jose is racked with the trafficking of men, women and children. The only way that we can begin to make in difference in this is to pray. Every other week we take a group of people want to see justice reign down to pray in front of the largest brothel in San Jose.

Though beautiful on the outside this old hotel hosts 200-300 prostitutes, many trafficked.
Our prayers against injustice work in tandem with our prayers for the people we meet in that place. While we stand on the street corner in front of this beautiful old building, we encounter pimps, drug dealers and johns (the men who come to buy sex). We often get opportunity to pray with them and speak to them about God's love for them.  God is using these prayer vigils in ways we can only imagine in transforming lives.

Show don't tell
4. Advocacy and Media - One of the most powerful tools we have to fight injustice is media and the arts. Freedom Street Ministries is using these as part of our advocacy strategy. We have two different documentaries that are in the works. Due to safety issues for our team members we cannot divulge any more information than this.
If you want to know more about these or are interested in helping fund these, please contact Elizabeth Gilroy at

So this is the face of our ministry. If you want to be a part in any way, financially or as prayer partners, please contact either one of us. We are excited to see what God is doing through our obedience to Him. Here is a list of financial and prayer needs:

1. For the protection of our team.
2. That God brings each person we need to accomplish our goals.
3. Against the power of the enemy over our team members and our families
4. The men, women and children we work with.
5. Our base leaders and our ministry team
6. For wisdom in all things.
7. God to provide furnishings and decorations for our coffee house.

1. $450 per month for rent on the coffee house
2. Personal monthly support for Paola Arce and Elizabeth Gilroy
3. Funds for decorating and furnishing the coffee house
4. A barista espresso machine - not sure the price
5. $200 per month for food and drinks
6. Funding for documentary projects

We are also in the process of designing t-shirts to sell as a way to raise money for our ministry. If you are interested in helping us sell them or want one for yourself, please let us know.
Thank you so much for your prayers to this point. From here God's anointing is what leads us. We have a task to do and He has given his anointing for this purpose.

Isaiah 61:1 says
The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me,
      Because the LORD has anointed Me
      To preach good tidings to the poor;
      He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
      To proclaim liberty to the captives,
      And the opening of the prison to those who are bound.



  2. This is so exciting! May the favour of God be with you! And keep walking with excellence the most excellent way!! 1 Corinthians 13.
    Love you all!

  3. What an incredible thing God is doing!! Thank you for the update and information-I can't wait to help support and stay connected with you all. Miss you!

  4. Rejoicing with you! Oh my, we are excited beyond belief as my hubby spent many hours on the streets of downtown San Jose sharing Jesus and praying. Be blessed abundantly as you bring life ....


  5. So exciting what God is doing! My heart bursts with anticiation of the harvest you will reap off the streets of Costa Rica.
    Praying God's abundant love and protection for you and your family.
    Let me know when the tshirts are done.

    Jody Peck