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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Along the journey. . . .

by Elizabeth Gilroy

If you are driving forward toward your destination, there are times you have to stop along the way and drop off a passenger.  Often times this is done with great sorrow or dismay because the journey was going so well with everyone on board.

And so it is with Freedom Street Ministries right now. We have been moving forward, with a full tank and cruising in the tailwind of God's mercy. But now it's time for a stop, dropping off a fellow driver.

Our core ministry team is myself Elizabeth Gilroy, Paola Arce and Ingrid Rong. It is this trio that has heard the voice of God and stepped into the car without looking back. Well, this week we are saying goodbye to Ingrid Rong who is returning to her home country of Norway where she will be studying counseling for one year.
Ingrid on the right with one of our dear friends.
Ingrid's plan is to return to San Jose and our ministry after a year of study and preparation.  Over the past several months several prophecies have been spoken over her in this regard so we know this is God's plan for her life.

Ingrid has been crucial in our street ministry. She is a shining light and the women and transvestites are drawn to her warm and inviting  personality. She is going to be greatly missed in relationship as well as function of the ministry.

Although, she will be connecting with us each month and continue her fundraising efforts in Norway, we back here in Costa Rica will feel the huge gap she leaves behind. 

So please pray for Ingrid as she moves forward in a different lane, down a different road for a time. We will miss her unfailing energy, consistency and commitment to this ministry. We will also miss her as a friend.

Our coffee house is almost ready for classes and Bible studies but it is ready for people to visit. So this week our friends were  eager to hold a going away party for Ingrid so we opened the house to them.

Ingrid on the right with Lela.

With Ingrid leaving we realize how much these ladies rely on us for friendship.
Building relationships is what Freedom Street is all about. 

Please pray for Paola and I as we keep this fast-moving vehicle forward.  Pray for daily direction and protection. Pray we will organize our time in such a way we are most effective in our lives, our ministry and our families.

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